Bali Belly Cure


IDR 1.3M


45 Minutes


Relieves symptoms in the digestive system.

Bali belly is a colloquial term used to describe a common gastrointestinal illness experienced by travelers visiting Bali (known as traveler’s diarrhea). It is typically caused by consuming contaminated food or water, particularly when exposed to bacteria, viruses, or parasites that are not commonly found in an individual’s home environment. Symptoms usually involve nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea; leaving sufferers weak and dehydrated.

This IV pack is made to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes and also increase the body’s energy. IV medication will help reduce symptoms in the digestive system 

The Treatment takes time around 45 minutes

The Treatments


Bali Belly Cure

  • 500ml of Electrolyte IV Solution (sodium chloride, sodium lactate, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride)
  • 500ml of Saline Solution
  • Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 for Energy.
  • IV Medication Injection (Anti-Nausea, Stomach Protector, and/or Painkiller IV Injection as required)
  • Anti-Diarrhea Medications.


IDR 1.3M

Benefit of The Bali Belly Cure IV

  • Replenish electrolytes and fluid balance.
  • B vitamins are involved in the functioning of the nervous system  and help maintain energy levels 
  • The stomach protector and anti-nausea medication will help provide at least temporary symptom relief. If the nausea is no longer present, we will administer an immunity boosting Vitamin C  instead of the medication.
  • Medications like loperamide (Imodium) can help control diarrhea by slowing down bowel movements and Active Charcoal will help to absorb toxic substance. This will reduce the absorption of toxins by the body, as well as the release of harmful substances through the digestive process.

Bali belly can disrupt travel plans and cause discomfort, potentially affecting your ability to enjoy your trip.

If we have reservations available, we can get to your place in about an hour. we recommend calling for last-minute reservations.


We offer special prices for IV treatment packages if you do it with friends or your group at the same time. This is perfect if you have an event in Bali like a wedding party or other celebration.

This discount applies to group bookings: groups of five or more people get 20% off.

We also provide services without transportation costs to the house or villa you are staying at (Around Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta Only)


We select very powerful vitamins and antioxidants to make our IV treatments so effective.


IV treatment, also known as intravenous therapy, involves administering fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a person’s bloodstream through a vein. This method allows for rapid and efficient delivery of substances that may not be as effective or feasible through other routes, such as oral administration.

Our comprehensive intravenous vitamin IV therapy treatments have been created by a doctor for administration from a certified medical practitioner (doctors or nurses). Contact us for more information.

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